Embrace the Outdoors: How Trees Can Enhance Your Health and Well-Being

Person sitting under shade tree near river

Spending summertime outside is a great way to reduce stress, be active, and get a dose of vitamin D. However, as enjoyable as the sun can be, it’s important to find some shade to safely enjoy the great outdoors during the hot months. Finding a tree with a shady spot underneath is a perfect way […]

When School Days End, Our Love of Trees Continues

photo of forest with mountains in background

May and June are upon us, and for many, that means graduation, whether it be from high school, college or even pre-school (always adorable!). It’s a time to celebrate accomplishments and to look forward to new chapters in our lives. (Okay…because this is an article for the Healthy Trees, Healthy Live blog, I’d be remiss […]

Urban Trees: Heath and Wealth

residential street with blooming trees

Welcome to April, a time when the world wakes up from winter and everything starts to bloom again. You’ve probably noticed the trees in your neighborhood getting all green and flowery—isn’t it lovely? Did you know those trees are doing more than just looking pretty? They’re like superheroes for our health and our wallets. Let’s […]

In Search of Hearts

katsura tree photo credit: Tim Parsons

Each Valentine’s Day, hearts adorn every surface in my hometown of Montpelier,Vermont. A mysterious someone works in the night to plaster the town’s windows,walls, bridges, and steeples with red splashes of a photocopied heart-art. By morning, smiles adorn the day’s commuters, many of whom reach school or work by foot in this tiny town of […]

Forest Bathing and Other Ways to Stay Fit Among the Trees

People walking on forest trail

In Japanese, it is called shinrin-yoku. In English, it is called forest bathing. Forest bathing is a health-promoting practice that allows you to slow down, immerse yourself in a forest, and mindfully use all your senses. You may not exert as much energy as cycling or jogging through the woods, but it still yields some […]

Back to School: Trees and Curriculum for Students of any Age

Winning entries from the 2023 Growing Works of Art contest sponsored by the Vermont Urban & Community Forestry Program. This initiative encourages K-8 students to tie visual art and literacy to a passion for trees. Visit vtcommunityforestry.org/arbor-day/growing-works-art-contest to learn more.