Don’t Let Trees Make You Sneeze!


With warmer weather, most people think about planting trees
during Earth Day and Arbor Day each year. However, it is important to be
mindful of the types of trees that would be planted. Many people, including
myself, suffer from seasonal allergies. In Delaware, tree allergies become
especially worse in the springtime. If homeowners are looking into creating
landscapes with little to no impact from allergens, they can look into planting
low- or pollen-free trees. This includes stone fruit trees, like plums,
apricots, cherries, and peaches. Another option would be to plant female or
sterile dioecious trees like aspen, boxelder, juniper, red cedar, and yew.
Persimmon, ginkgo, holly, Osage orange and willow are also dioecious trees.
Trimming your trees regularly can also help reduce pollen levels around the
home. And if you need more help, ask your local tree nursery for guidance.
Happy planting!